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Panthers Care

Panthers Care is an initiative of the Dean of Students Office in the Division of Student Affairs to promote a culture of care in the FIU community. The goal is to foster and sustain a campus culture grounded in the values of caring, support, and help that promote the academic and personal development of students and the overall educational mission of FIU. We envision an affirming University community where students support one another and speak up on behalf of those who may need assistance.

The Panthers Care Program includes:

  • Outreach aimed at educating members of the FIU community about how to identify a student in need of support
  • Workshops for student groups aimed at encouraging care and support for each other and speaking up on behalf of those in need
  • An easy way for anyone in our FIU community to anonymously share a concern about another student through an on-line reporting system
  • Outreach to students who self-identity, or are identified by others, by providing appropriate referrals and resources to address their concerns
  • A network of campus resources that are available to assist and support students
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