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Student Life

Welcome to the FIU at I-75 Student Life community! Through a partnership between the Biscayne Bay Campus & FIU at I-75 Student Government Association (SGA), a variety of programs, events, and services are available to students and the University community in the Broward area.

We encourage you to participate in the activities and events sponsored by Student Life/Broward SGA to enhance your academic experience. We also invite you to get involved with SGA by becoming an SGA Senator or helping in the planning of our events.

Get Involved!

FIU at I-75 has a senator position in the Biscayne Bay Campus & FIU at I-75 Student Government Association, ensuring that the opinions and needs of our students are addressed. If you are passionate about creating an unforgettable experience for yourself and your peers, get involved today!

As an FIU at I-75 SGA representative you will be directly involved in making decisions that will impact the types and quality of services, programs, and events available to students at the center. Being an SGA representative enables you to hone your skills as an effective student planner and leader as well as obtaining experience working with vendors, lecturers, and others in the professional arena.

We're always looking for volunteers to help us with individual events throughout the year. If you are interested in helping or have any suggestions, please get in touch with Diana Arcentales, Student Life Coordinator, at 954-438-8633 or at darcenta@fiu.edu.