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Graduate Programs


Healthcare Master of Business Administration (HMBA)

The MBA in Healthcare Management provides the knowledge and skills necessary for management careers in various health services organizations. The program emphasizes the practical applications of the concepts and theories of management and business within healthcare settings. In addition, we place particular emphasis on critical thinking, self-development, communication and team-building skills, problem-solving competence, and ethical leadership.

Master of Science in Adult Education and Human Resource Development (MSAEHRD)

The Master of Science in Adult Education and Human Resource Development is designed for individuals who are, or want to serve as, program coordinators, directors of non-profit agencies, community school administrators, outreach professionals in workforce development, community and technical colleges, instructional designers, trainers, human performance consultants, and/or researchers. These professionals often analyze, design, implement, or manage adult education programs and/or human resource development programs.

Master of Science in Counselor Education*

The Master of Science in Counselor Education prepare individuals for professional counseling positions in schools, community mental health settings, and rehabilitation agencies and institutions. Individuals interested in majoring in Counselor Education can select one of three majors; School Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Rehabilitation Counseling. All programs involve intensive field work with accompanying seminars.

*Limited courses available.

Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

The Master of Science in Finance program is a lock-step, twelve-month program that provides you the opportunity to gain a strong foundation in financial theory and practice that will prove invaluable to your success in the world of finance.

Master of Science in Reading

The Master of Science in Reading Education develops competencies in the diagnosis and remediation, teaching of reading in the K - 12 setting, and the administration and supervision of remedial, corrective, developmental, and content area reading programs.

Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA)

The Chapman Graduate School of Business has designed a Professional MBA program for busy management professionals in South Florida who seek an MBA and want to pursue their degree on Saturdays. This accelerated, eighteen-month, weekend MBA program features a thorough and engaging curriculum that integrates the fundamentals of business with skill building in management and teamwork.

Professional Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM)

The goal of this program is to develop future leaders of technology-based organizations by providing a customized, state-of-the-art applied engineering management curriculum to a select group of high potential professionals with science and engineering backgrounds. The Professional MS Engineering Management program has a vigorous curriculum that integrates engineering, business, and law courses into a graduate program which prepares engineers and technology professionals for managerial and entrepreneurial careers.

Professional Science Master of Environmental Policy and Management (PSM-EPM)

The Professional Science Master of Environmental Policy and Management (PSM-EPM) at FIU is an innovative program that allows students to pursue advanced training in environmental policy while developing highly valued management skills. Through innovative curriculum and and internship experience, the program emphasizes development of professional skills in environmental management, policy analysis, written and verbal communication, environmental journalism and environmental stewardship.