FIU at I-75 is the ideal fit for students who prefer a more intimate learning environment. We have options for individuals interested in transferring from a state college (formerly known as community colleges), pursuing a second degree, or looking to take coursework for professional development. Our staff can help you check on your admission status, provide general information about getting started at FIU, or put you in touch with a Bridge Advisor to learn more about FIU's Connect4Success option if you want to transfer from a state college.


Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree seeking student, learn more about the admission process and take the first step towards your FIU education.


Interested in transferring to FIU? Meet with a Bridge Advisor to learn how to make your transition as seamless as possible. Darlene Choy-Yuen is a Bridge Advisor specializing in the transfer of Broward College students to FIU. She can help you become transfer ready, which means choosing a major early, completing prerequisites in your major, meeting GPA and other requirements for Specialized Admissions, and earning the AA degree in 3 years or less. Being transfer ready means that you can enroll in upper-division courses as soon as you transfer to FIU. Schedule an appointment with Darlene using her online booking tool.

Visit Transfer & Transition Services to view all the valuable information and resources, including the and Transfer Guides which help you understand the prerequisites for your desired major. You can also learn about Connect4Success, our official state college transfer program.

Enrollment Services

General information on admissionsfinancial aid, and related deadlines.

Admissions and Registration

  • Analyze admission status
  • Evaluate residency documentation
  • Remove immunization holds (w/ proper documentation)
  • Process change of name and/or address
  • Any documents we do not evaluate or process in-house, we will serve as the liaison and forward to appropriate department on behalf of the student (i.e. residency and financial aid documents, admission application update/enrollment deferral request form, senior citizens waiver, etc.) 


  • Accept tuition payments (only check and money order accepted at this location)
  • Review financial aid status